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  • Bernard AS-25 Electric Actuator
  • Bernard AS-25 Electric Actuator
Bernard AS-25 Electric ActuatorBernard AS-25 Electric Actuator

Bernard AS-25 Electric Actuator

  • Product description: Advisory Telephone: 18522829014 Tianjin Bernard Main Products: original imported Bernard electric actuator ASP/AS50/AS100/AS200/AS400/ST14/30/Bernard SD series angular stroke/straight stroke/electric

SD series Multi-turn  electric actuator is the terminal control device in industrial process measurement and control system. It can transform the system control signal into the output displacement (quarter turn displacement, multi-turn displacement or linear displacement), output torque or thrust to control the position of closure member and other modulating device in the valve. Thus the controlled medium will work in condition regulated by the system.

1. Input signal:4-20mA Impedance 250Ω,0-10mA Impedance 200Ω.

2. Deadline:0.3-3% Continuously adjustable.

3. Input passage:One for the analogue current input and one for the on-off input.

4. Output signal: 4-20mA DC Impedance < 500Ω The input passage and the output passage are isolated.

5. Output torque:250Nm;Max torque:500Nm

100Nm-4000Nm Travel 90 degrees;Linear turn:2000Nm-25000Nm Travel 10,16,25,40,60;100mm Multi-turn:40Nm-400Nm Travel 1-50 circles.

6. Basic error: ±1%;±0.5%

7. Deviation≤±1%

8. Damping characteristicNo-oscillating

9. Protecting class IP 67

10. Operating enviroment:

1) Temperature:-25℃—+70

2) Humidity:95%.Vobration:Frequency,10100Hz.

3) Intensity,0.5time acceleration of gravity

4) Shock:<5g

5) Atmospheric pressure:72.5—106Kpa0

6) There is no corrosive gas round the air. 1t couldn't he used in an inflammable and explosive site except for the explosion-proof model product.(The explosionproof model product please see the sample of the explosion-proof model product).

11. Power supply: Single phase:220V±10% 50Hz; Three-phase:380V 50Hz; The technical parameters of the remote model (ON-OFF model) don not conclude the first item and the second item. The other items are the same as the proportional modulating model.