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Why is Bernard electric actuator called electric actuator?

Electric actuators are also called electric actuators and electric heads. It is an actuator and is a control signal given by the control center to control the opening of the valve (or other). The valve is based on the function of the classification of the valve, but the ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve maybe any other valves you need, only you use it to change the flow of change, pressure, and so on, to achieve this function, the valve itself (V type ball valve), sometimes the demand actuators come to the end. Tie, for example, electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators and other actuators. The electric control valve is regular, and the actuator in the regulating valve is an electric actuator. To put it simply, the electric actuator is part of the electric control valve, that is, the electric actuator and the electric head. The products use intelligent control circuit, can realize self diagnosis adjustment, liquid crystal Chinese display operation situation, together with strong applicability, full function, accurate manipulation, simple operation, human-computer interface and other advantages. Electric actuators have many advantages, such as strong applicability, complete functions, precise control, simple operation, convenient man-machine interface and so on.

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