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What are the practical applications of electric actuators

Because the motion mode of electric actuator is rotating, and the full stroke is more than 360 degrees, it is suitable for controlled objects such as gate valve and stop valve. The reducer is changed to angle stroke electric actuator, and even the type of multiple rotations is added. Because of the use of electric actuator, how to select the actuator of electric butterfly valve correctly is an important factor that affects whether it can meet the requirements of engineering design.

Therefore, in the actual use of the electric actuator, not only the above working environment, but also the electrical control and general technical performance should be considered. Now the intelligent control of the actuator has entered the initialization stage. For the application of the electric actuator of the equipment, if the output torque of the electric actuator is too large or insufficient, it will be affected in the use process. If the electric actuator with too large output is selected, it will be affected Actuator, if the valve can not be opened in actual work is unreasonable.


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