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What are the applications of electric actuators

Now, the electric actuator not only has reliability, accuracy, capacity load and signal quality coefficient, its performance is far superior to the original product, but also more important to expand the environmental conditions. The simplest electric actuator is only composed of capacitance split phase circuit, which directly controls the motor through the action of switch. At present, the market distribution of electric actuator is mainly the construction of engineering projects, The largest users of valve control include petrochemical industry, electric power industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, etc.

It can be seen that the electric actuator can effectively control the valve and become an indispensable equipment for automatic control and remote control. Since the use of the electric actuator depends on the type of valve, the correct selection of the electric actuator is essential to avoid overload. Therefore, the correct selection of the electric actuator is very important. The standard brake butterfly valve is mainly used in petrochemical industry, stainless steel ball valve Mainly used in medicine and food industry.


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