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Bernard (Tianjin) automatic equipment abbreviation (Tianjin Bernard) company leading product is: "Tianjin Bernard" brand, Bernard  electric executive agency adopts internal cause and external connection, production, study, research, it inherits Bernard's 25 year core technology and combines our company's independent research and development combined results, and uses the national most The advanced single-chip technology is developed into a fully intelligent position locator to form a new generation of intelligent electric actuator. The intelligent position locator is mainly composed of the main control board (central microprocessor), the highway control module, the on-the-spot man-machine dialogue display unit, the infrared receiving single element and so on. The actuator is non intrusive. Structural design. At present, this actuator is a domestic advanced electric executive product "Tianjin Bernard" brand homemade series (ASP/AS50/AS100/AS200/AS400/ST14/ST18/ST30), SD series (B+RS250/B+RS400/B+RS600/B+RS160/ B+RS800), SR series electric actuator, BIQ series electrical actuator (BIQ25/BIQ35/BIQ40/ BIQ70/B). IQ90/BIQ95/) electric device.

Tianjin Bernard has a wide range of products and sells well in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. It is sold to many countries and regions abroad. It is widely used in the fields of electricity, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, cement, light industry, pharmaceutical, mining, transportation, building materials, water treatment and so on. It is produced for all the key construction projects of the country. A number of first-class high-quality products and provide perfect and excellent technical services, widely won the recognition of users, and enjoyed a high reputation in the industry.

Strength is the brand, (Tianjin Bernard brand name "TJ Bernard"), advanced technology and equipment, modern scientific management and continuous enterprising spirit, laid a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise. In order to keep in line with the international advanced production technology, the company keeps following the international leading trend and continues to improve itself. We have independently developed SD series, SR and QT electric actuator to meet the different needs of users in different fields at home and abroad.

Development concept of electric actuator

With a large number of experienced engineers, the sales agents and branch networks all over the country are all over the country, making the company capable of presenting to the user a solution that meets its unique needs. In order to achieve this purpose, the company has established the following product development concepts after many years of exploration:

Continuous analysis of the needs of the user to design the product.

The transmission mechanism selected to achieve mechanical efficiency.

Utilize all the resources of today's electronics and data processing technology to provide control technology for users.

Develop intelligent intelligent actuators to meet the challenges of future applications.

In order to realize the sustainable development of the enterprise, we will take "scientific and technological innovation" as the motive force of the enterprise development, take "honest operation, dedicate the fine quality" as our duty, adhere to the quality policy of "quality first, reputation first" and further consolidate the foundation and strengthen management; establish "the satisfaction of the user is our greatest success." The business creed is determined to make this sunrise industry bigger and stronger, and contribute to the development and prosperity of the national market economy and the development of the industry. We wholeheartedly welcome people with lofty ideals to join in the cooperation so as to achieve a win-win situation and create a bright future together.



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